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Riders of SWITZERLAND won together 39 ascents in Tour de France
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year ascentwinneraltitudemountainstate
2020  Col des Saisies  Marc HIRSCHI1633The AlpsFRANCE
2020  Cormet de Roselend  Marc HIRSCHI1968The AlpsFRANCE
2020  Col du Béal  Stefan KÜNG1390The Massif CentralFRANCE
2020  Suc au May  Marc HIRSCHI903The Massif CentralFRANCE
2020  Marie-Blanque  Marc HIRSCHI1035The PyreneesFRANCE
2020  Col de la Hourcére  Marc HIRSCHI1440The PyreneesFRANCE
2001  Tourmalet  Sven MONTGOMERY2115The PyreneesFRANCE
1998  Col de Port  Roland MEIER1249The PyreneesFRANCE
1998  Col de la Core  Roland MEIER1373The PyreneesFRANCE
1995  La Plagne  Alex ZULLE1970The AlpsFRANCE
1995  Cormet de Roselend  Alex ZULLE1968The AlpsFRANCE
1993  Galibier  Tony ROMINGER2645The AlpsFRANCE
1993  Tourmalet  Tony ROMINGER2115The PyreneesFRANCE
1993  Puerta del Canto  Tony ROMINGER1725The PyreneesSPAIN
1993  Portillon  Tony ROMINGER1298The PyreneesFRANCE/SPAIN
1993  Bonaigua  Tony ROMINGER2072The PyreneesSPAIN
1993  Isola 2000  Tony ROMINGER1900The Maritime AlpsFRANCE
1992  Saint-Gervais - Mont-Blanc  Rolf JAERMANN970The AlpsFRANCE
1991  Aubisque  Guido WINTERBERG1709The PyreneesFRANCE
1991  Mont Revard  Pascal RICHARD1537The AlpsFRANCE
1991  Col du Soudet  Pascal RICHARD1540The PyreneesFRANCE
1989  Izoard  Pascal RICHARD2361The AlpsFRANCE
1989  La Chaussée   Pascal RICHARD1333The AlpsFRANCE
1986  Puy de Dôme  Erich MAECHLER1415The Massif CentralFRANCE
1985  Donon  Niki RUTTIMAN727The VosgesFRANCE
1983  Col du Glandon  Serge DEMIERRE1924The AlpsFRANCE
1983  Grand Cucheron  Serge DEMIERRE1188The AlpsFRANCE
1982  Aubisque  Beat BREU1709The PyreneesFRANCE
1982  Alpe-d’Huez  Beat BREU1860The AlpsFRANCE
1982  Pla d’Adet (Saint-Lary-Soulan)  Beat BREU1680The PyreneesFRANCE
1960  Peyresourde  Kurt GIMMI1569The PyreneesFRANCE
1960  Tourmalet  Kurt GIMMI2115The PyreneesFRANCE
1960  Aspin  Kurt GIMMI1490The PyreneesFRANCE
1959  Forclaz-de-Montmin  Rolf GRAF1150The AlpsFRANCE
1951  Baraque de Bral  Hugo KOBLET610The CevennesFRANCE
1950  Croix de Chaubouret  Ferdi KUBLER1230The Massif CentralFRANCE
1949  Col de Vars  Ferdi KUBLER2110The AlpsFRANCE
1927  Aravis  Charles MARTINET1498The AlpsFRANCE
1914  Aubisque  Oscar EGG1709The PyreneesFRANCE

Total number of ascents winners: 19

 winner  number of victories Chart
 1)    Tony ROMINGER  6 
 2)    Marc HIRSCHI  5 
 3)    Pascal RICHARD  4 
 4)    Kurt GIMMI  3 
 5)    Beat BREU  3 
 6)    Serge DEMIERRE  2 
 7)    Alex ZULLE  2 
 8)    Ferdi KUBLER  2 
 9)    Roland MEIER  2 
 10)    Niki RUTTIMAN  1 
 11)    Sven MONTGOMERY  1 
 12)    Oscar EGG  1 
 13)    Charles MARTINET  1 
 14)    Erich MAECHLER  1 
 15)    Guido WINTERBERG  1 
 16)    Rolf JAERMANN  1 
 17)    Rolf GRAF  1 
 18)    Stefan KÜNG  1 
 19)    Hugo KOBLET  1 

Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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