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The spatial aspect of each sports event is defined by many factors. Some sports are bound to localized elements (stadiums, halls, sports facilities, race circuits), the other, on the contrary, have their sports grounds dynamically developed and sports battles run in various parts of the country. The cycling race Tour de France is also an example of it. Here the spatial aspect can be divided into two plains. On one hand, it is a global, worldwide event, which is watched by viewers from all over the world via television transmission. On the other hand, the term spatial aspect can be understood as a precise arrangement of locations (places being part of Tour de France stages) and their inclusion in the itinerary of a specific year of Tour de France, which thus become the venue (sports ground) of this prestige event. Thanks to 110 years history of this event, we can stress some interesting facts resulting just from the dynamic creation of the tours during particular years, when the creation of tour itself offers an opportunity for modification of this global “sports ground“. An emphasis on this pages is placed in the introduction of a general overview of the formation of the network of places forming significantly Tour de France features from the global point of view.

Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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