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Riders of GREAT BRITAIN won together 30 ascents in Tour de France
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year ascentwinneraltitudemountainstate
2022  Alpe-d’Huez  Thomas PIDCOCK1860The AlpsFRANCE
2019  Hourquette d´Ancizan  Simon YATES1538The PyreneesFRANCE
2019  Foix Part d´Albis  Simon YATES1205The PyreneesFRANCE
2018  Alpe-d’Huez  Geraint THOMAS1860The AlpsFRANCE
2018  La Rossiére  Geraint THOMAS1855The AlpsFrance
2018  Portillon  Adam YATES1298The PyreneesFRANCE/SPAIN
2017  Port de Balès  Stephen CUMMINGS1755The PyreneesFRANCE
2016  Peyresourde  Christopher FROOME1569The PyreneesFRANCE
2016  Aspin  Stephen CUMMINGS1490The PyreneesFRANCE
2015  Col de la Pierre-Saint-Martin  Christopher FROOME1760The PyreneesFRANCE/SPAIN
2013  Plateau de Bonascre (Ax 3 Domaines)  Christopher FROOME1375The PyreneesFRANCE
2013  Mont Ventoux  Christopher FROOME1909The Maritime AlpsFRANCE
2012  La Planche des Belles Filles  Christopher FROOME1035The VosgesFRANCE
1993  Restefond (Col de la Bonette)  Robert MILLAR2802The AlpsFRANCE
1989  Aspin  Robert MILLAR1490The PyreneesFRANCE
1989  Peyresourde  Robert MILLAR1569The PyreneesFRANCE
1989  Tourmalet  Robert MILLAR2115The PyreneesFRANCE
1989  Superbagnères  Robert MILLAR1804The PyreneesFRANCE
1988  Ballon de Servance  Robert MILLAR1175The VosgesFRANCE
1988  Col de Latrape  Robert MILLAR1100The PyreneesFRANCE
1988  Col d’Agnès  Robert MILLAR1570The PyreneesFRANCE
1988  Col de Menté  Robert MILLAR1349The PyreneesFRANCE
1984  Aravis  Robert MILLAR1498The AlpsFRANCE
1984  Guzet-Neige  Robert MILLAR1480The PyreneesFRANCE
1983  Montiaux  Robert MILLAR1030The CevennesFRANCE
1983  Peyresourde  Robert MILLAR1569The PyreneesFRANCE
1973  Espigoulier  Michaël WRIGHT728The Maritime AlpsFRANCE
1968  Cordon (Sallanches)  Barry HOBAN975The AlpsFRANCE
1968  Col de la Colombière  Barry HOBAN1618The AlpsFRANCE
1968  Aravis  Barry HOBAN1498The AlpsFRANCE

Total number of ascents winners: 9

 winner  number of victories Chart
 1)    Robert MILLAR  13 
 2)    Christopher FROOME  6 
 3)    Barry HOBAN  3 
 4)    Geraint THOMAS  2 
 5)    Simon YATES  2 
 6)    Stephen CUMMINGS  2 
 7)    Thomas PIDCOCK  1 
 8)    Michaël WRIGHT  1 
 9)    Adam YATES  1 

Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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