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Andre LEDUCQ   FRA  
Winner of 25 stages in Tour de France

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year No. of stagestartfinishwinnernationality
193821 | 279.0 km  Lille  ParisAndré LEDUCQFRA
193518b | 33.0 km  Rochefort  La RochelleAndré LEDUCQFRA
193313 | 168.0 km  Marseille  MontpellierAndré LEDUCQFRA
193314 | 166.0 km  Montpellier  PerpignanAndré LEDUCQFRA
19323 | 387.0 km  Nantes  BordeauxAndré LEDUCQFRA
193211 | 233.0 km  Nice  GapAndré LEDUCQFRA
193213 | 230.0 km  Grenoble  Aix-les-BainsAndré LEDUCQFRA
193215 | 291.0 km  Evian  BelfortAndré LEDUCQFRA
193220 | 212.0 km  Malo  AmiensAndré LEDUCQFRA
193221 | 159.0 km  Amiens  ParisAndré LEDUCQFRA
193120 | 209.0 km  Belfort  ColmarAndré LEDUCQFRA
19305 | 202.0 km  Vannes  Les SablesAndré LEDUCQFRA
193016 | 331.0 km  Grenoble  EvianAndré LEDUCQFRA
19292 | 140.0 km  Caen  CherbourgAndré LEDUCQFRA
192911 | 366.0 km  Perpignan  MarseilleAndré LEDUCQFRA
192917 | 145.0 km  Belfort  StrasbourgAndré LEDUCQFRA
192918 | 165.0 km  Strasbourg  MetzAndré LEDUCQFRA
192921 | 234.0 km  Malo  DieppeAndré LEDUCQFRA
19282 | 140.0 km  Caen  CherbourgAndré LEDUCQFRA
192810 | 323.0 km  Luchon  PerpignanAndré LEDUCQFRA
192811 | 363.0 km  Perpignan  MarseilleAndré LEDUCQFRA
192816 | 119.0 km  Pontarlier  BelfortAndré LEDUCQFRA
19276 | 206.0 km  Dinan  BrestAndré LEDUCQFRA
192723 | 270.0 km  Charleville  DunkerqueAndré LEDUCQFRA
192724 | 344.0 km  Dunkerque  ParisAndré LEDUCQFRA

Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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