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Overall standings in 1908
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number of classified riders in Paris: 36

Overall standings - cyclist, team, time gap
1  Lucien Petit-Breton Individual  +00:00:00
2  François Faber Individual  +03:44:43
3  Georges Passerieu Individual  +04:18:58
4  Gustave Garrigou Individual  +05:57:40
5  Luigi Ganna Individual  +06:54:46
6  Georges Paulmier Individual  +07:44:21
7  Georges Fleury Individual  +09:33:11
8  Henri Cornet Individual  +09:36:40
9  Marcel Godivier Individual  +10:29:36
10  Giovanni Rossignoli Individual  +13:01:07
11  Paul Duboc Individual  +13:15:01
12  Clemente Canepari Individual  +14:25:53
13  Omer Beaugendre Individual  +16:16:04
14  Paul Chauvet Individual  +17:22:24
15  Eugene Forestier Individual  +20:28:14
16  Achille Germain Individual  +21:14:25
17  André Pottier Individual  +21:14:25
18  Ernest Paul Individual  +22:27:00
19  Aldo Bettini Individual  +23:34:24
20  Giovanni Gerbi Individual  +24:48:01
21  Alois Catteau Individual  +32:38:38
22  Marceau Narcy Individual  +33:21:59
23  Martin Soulie Individual  +33:38:45
24  Ferdinand Payan Individual  +37:33:57
25  Noel Combelles Individual  +50:50:44
26  Gonzales Individual  +59:26:23
27  Alexandre Bodinier Individual  +60:21:20
28  Edouard Wattelier Individual  +60:31:43
29  Georges Bronchard Individual  +62:14:01
30  Robert Lecointe Individual  +80:29:51
31  Antoine Wattelier Individual  +82:14:23
32  Eloi Guichard Individual  +88:22:49
33  Leon Rabot Individual  +88:36:06
34  Jean Darche Individual  +89:49:52
35  Louis Di Maria Individual  +108:02:37
36  Henri Anthoine Individual  +120:10:37

Number of finished cyclists by team

 team  No. of cycl. share (%)
 Individual  36 

Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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