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Winner of 22 stages in Tour de France

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year No. of stagestartfinishwinnernationality
200520 | 55.5 km  Saint-Étienne  Saint-ÉtienneLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200413 | 205.5 km  Lannemezan  Plateau de BeilleLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200415 | 180.5 km  Valréas  Villard-de-LansLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200416 | 15.5 km  Bourg d’Oisans  Alpe d’HuezLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200417 | 204.5 km  Bourg d’Oisans  Le Grand BornandLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200419 | 55.0 km  Besançon  BesançonLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200315 | 159.5 km  Bagnères-de-Bigorre  Luz-ArdidenLance ARMSTRONGUSA
2002 P | 7.0 km  Luxembourg  LuxembourgLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200211 | 158.0 km  Pau  La MongieLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200212 | 199.5 km  Lannemezan  Plateau de BeilleLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200219 | 50.0 km  Regnier-Durette  MâconLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200110 | 209.0 km  Aix-les-Bains  Alpe d’HuezLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200111 | 32.0 km  Grenoble  ChamrousseLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200113 | 194.0 km  Foix  Saint-Lary-SoulanLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200118 | 61.0 km  Montluçon  Saint-Amand-MontrondLance ARMSTRONGUSA
200019 | 58.5 km  Freiburg im Breisgau  MulhouseLance ARMSTRONGUSA
1999 P | 6.8 km  Le Puy du Fou  Le Puy du FouLance ARMSTRONGUSA
19998 | 56.5 km  Metz  MetzLance ARMSTRONGUSA
19999 | 213.5 km  Le Grand Bornand  SestriereLance ARMSTRONGUSA
199919 | 57.0 km  Futuroscope  FuturoscopeLance ARMSTRONGUSA
199518 | 166.5 km  Montpon-Monesterol  LimogesLance ARMSTRONGUSA
19938 | 184.5 km  Chalons-sur-Marne  VerdunLance ARMSTRONGUSA

Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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