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mountain:The Jura
altitude:1323 m a.s.l.
number of crossings: 29

Winners on top:

2004  ESP  Juan Miguel MERCADO29
2001  ESP  David ETXEBARRIA28
1998  FRA  Cédric VASSEUR27
1994  BEL  Peter DE CLERCQ26
1990  ESP  Eduardo CHOZAS OLMO25
1981  FRA  Roger LEGEAY24
1977  FRA  Bernard QUILFEN23
1976  ITA  Giancarlo BELLINI22
1975  FRA  Mariano MARTINEZ21
1974  ESP  Andres OLIVA20
1973  ESP  Vicente LOPEZ-CARRIL19
1972  BEL  Lucien VAN IMPE18
1970  ITA  Guerrino TOSELLO17
1969  ESP  Mariano DIAZ16
1968  ESP  Aurelio GONZALEZ15
1967  ESP  Ventura DIAZ14
1964  ESP  Julio JIMENEZ13
1963  FRA  Guy IGNOLIN12
1958  ESP  Federico BAHAMONTES11
1954  ESP  Federico BAHAMONTES10
1951  ITA  Gino BARTALI9
1939  BEL  Romain MAES8
1938  ITA  Gino BARTALI7
1934  FRA  René LE GREVES6
1933  FRA  Antonin MAGNE5
1932  ITA  Francesco CAMUSSO4
1931  GER  Erich METZE3
1930  FRA  Charles PELISSIER2
1929  FRA  René FAURE1

Winners on top by nations:

 ESP  11 
 FRA  9 
 ITA  5 
 BEL  3 
 GER  1 

Multiple winners on top by cyclists:

 Federico BAHAMONTES  2 
 Gino BARTALI  2 

Comparison height with the highest ascent:
(2802 m a.s.l., Restefond, Col de la Bonette)
comparison is based only on the altitude, not on elevation

 1 323 / 2 802 

Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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